New Court Fees

Jul 14, 2015

Effective on July 1, 2015, new fees will be charged on Court of Appeals, Court of Special Appeals, Circuit Court, and District Court cases.  For cases filed in the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals, an additional $11.00 surcharge will be levied.  For any new cases filed in the Circuit Court, there will now be an additional $30.00 surcharge and a $6.00 surcharge for re-opened cases, except for requests to register a foreign judgment and for deposition of an out of state witness.  No surcharge will be assessed to re-open a case brought by a petitioner under the protective order statutes.  A surcharge of $3.00 per summary ejectment case and $8.00 for all other civil cases will be charged for District Court cases.  More information regarding these surcharges can be found at